Swansea Out Now!


Today is the day! My new record, Swansea, is officially out in the world! I spent years making this album and gave it everything I have. Now it is your turn to take these songs and make them your own.

I wrote this record about various experiences I’ve had with loss – the loss of love, the ending of relationships, and the death of a friend. Swansea is my concept of a place – the place where we go when we lose someone. In the Swansea, we find ourselves faced with our own solitude and loneliness, but we also find strength in remembering how to stand on our own two feet. I hope that my songs bring you comfort and healing if that’s what you need, make you feel inspired, or move you in some way. This record was very therapeutic for me to write, and it is my greatest pleasure to pass it on to you today. I have never felt more proud of something that I made. Thank you for taking the time to listen, and thank you for your love! #lp3swansea

Listen to Swansea here.


  1. Last night at St. Mark’s Cathedral was phenomenal! You have a great tone and with strings beside you… Wow!
    XXVII & Brenda Xu brought me there and it turns out for a good reason.
    Thanks for being you and sharing.

    1. Thank you for your lovely message! I’m so happy you were there and enjoyed the show. It was a magical night for me that I will always remember! :)

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