A Big Week In The Land Of Lemolo!

This week brings tons of exciting things to us! First off, we’re unbelievably pleased to share with you that we have been added to the Artist Home Booking roster, and we couldn’t be happier. The Artist Home family has been nothing but amazing to us thus far and we are so proud to say that we’re working with them, and really trust and love what they stand for in the big world of booking.

“We are delighted to announce that we have officially added our dear friends, Lemolo, to our small but incredible roster of talent.  Lemolo will also be the first band on the roster of our newest booking agent, Melodie Knight, who joined our ranks as an intern last October and has quickly grown into a vital member of our booking family.

I first saw Lemolo back in October of 2010 as they took part in the Collective: Best of the New Series.  To put it simply, there is not an aspect of their music that I have not fallen in love with. Lyrically, their songs play out less like narratives, but more like tone poems inked by an eastern philosopher.  In terms of orchestration, they display a keen understanding that having only two members does not make your sound smaller, it only makes the smaller number of moving parts you’re using seem bigger.

As performers, Kendra Cox, approaches a drum kit less like a percussionist with formal training, but more like a tonal musician finding creative ways to reinvent the instrument (there’s much in her playing that  reminds me of two of my favorite drummers and close friends, Jeremiah Hayden, and Ben Boyden).  Meagan Grandhall’s voice is a study of resonance and vocal efficiency. When one creates the other, the end product makes for not only an outstanding voice, but one that makes singing seem effortless.

All analysis aside, what they create is beautiful. Their musical abilities are matched by their kindness, professionalism, and the same sense of togetherness that we like to champion as an agency.  They couldn’t be a more perfect fit.”
– Kevin Sur

See the full post from Artist Home here.

The rest of the week brings us two shows and a birthday! Tomorrow evening we’re playing the Round 70, we’ve been waiting a long time to play round and we truly hope to see you there because we have lots of sing-a-longs that we’ll need your help with! 03.09.2011 // The Fremont Abbey Presents:The Round 70 with Joshua Morrison and Ben Fisher// Seattle, WA // 8:00PM //  All Ages! // $8

On Saturday we embark on a trip up to beautiful Bellingham to play our first show ever up north! You can find us at the Green Frog with Big Sur and our friends Youth Rescue Mission who just had their CD release at Columbia City Theater! 03.12.2011 // The Green Frog  with Big Sur and Youth Rescue Mission // Bellingham, WA //  9:30PM // 21+ // $$$ TBD

And last but certainly not least, we are giddy to announce to you all that we have been added to the sold out bill at the Showbox with seattle lovelies The Head And The Heart on April 29th, we’ll be playing second but for those of you who were able to get a ticket before it sold out make sure to get there nice and early to see Salt Lake City band The Devil Whale, they rock. I even took this screen shot of the Showbox website for the scrapbook.

Kendra & Meagan

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  1. So happy to hear you guys will be playing with The Head and The Heart!!!

    Since they sold out they have announced that they will be playing another show the next day. Will you be playing with them that day as well?

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