Music Video Premier!

Here it is, our brand new video for “Open Air” directed by the talented James Bailey!

Below, you can also check out what Abbey Simmons of Sound on the Sound had to say about our premier last Thursday at the High Dive! 

Late last night a crowded High Dive got a glimpse of Lemolo (and local photographer James Bailey’s) debut video for their breathy heart-beat of a single “Open Air.” Much like Lemolo’s songs, Bailey’s video sets a mood rather than telling a story, and based on the instantaneous roar of the crowd when the video finished and when the band took the stage, Seattle is definitely in the mood.

As Lemolo played their set to a crowd who had come there for them, who stood in line to buy posters featuring elegant profiles of the band and who then stood in another line to get the ladies to sign their just-purchased posters (at 1am, on a school night), I found myself with an unshakable case of deja vu. Not even a year ago I saw a similarly crowded High Dive have the same ebullient response to the Head and the Heart. And while its hard to imagine any local band following anything close to the HATH’s sky-rocketing trajectory, if its going to happen to anyone in 2011, my money is on Lemolo.  Read More

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