City Arts Magazine, High Dive Show and a Music Video!

February has been great thus far! If you haven’t heard yet, we were asked to give our go to “wooing” song for a Valentine’s Day piece in the newest issue of City Arts Magazine! You can check out our song pick here, but as a hint we’ll just tell you we love two things:  Gwyneth Paltrow and Huey Lewis.

We’re playing a show this month at the High Dive on February 24th with Garage Voice and Washington Mile that is sure to be an amazing night. We’ll be selling this poster set at the show so be sure to get  there early to grab your copy!

(Posters made by the amazing Patrick Toney of Garage Voice)

We’re also excited to announce that we just finished our first official music video to our song “Open Air”! We’re really looking forward to releasing it to you all, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for that in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, you can enjoy this particular “WHALE” song that I’ve fallen in love with:


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