Seattle Weekly Piece!

Today Reverb Recommends You Spend 15 Minutes With Seattle’s Electro-Folk Duo, Lemolo

By Chris Kornelis, Mon., Jan. 24 2011 @ 7:00AM

On the set of the video for Lemolo’s “Open Air,” which the duo is in the process of creating with Seattle photographer James Bailey. (Via TwitPic)


Let’s assume for a minute that you live in Seattle, catch more than the average number of shows, spend time at the Comet but also the Tractor. You enjoy rock, folk, and indie pop, and you enjoy 206 hip-hop in the same way that you like your steak to be happy before it’s on your plate. Chances are you’re going to like Lemolo, a low-fi, electro-folk duo that is sure to seduce fans of Seattle-style indie/rock/folk, most especially those who listed Beach House’s Teen Dream among their favorite records of the year. Mercifully, Meagan Grandall and Kendra Cox put their own spin on these genres, with haunting results.

The ladies currently have available an EP (April’s Lounge Light) and a single (November’s The Singles Record), and their next project–they haven’t decided if it’s going to be an EP or a full-length–has recently been added to the list of things we’re looking forward to in 2011. What we’ve heard thus far are some of the most promising expansions on the pretty sounds that have dominated the local zeitgeist. And we’re ready to be wowed by what comes next.

At the moment, Grandall and Cox are working on a video for “Open Air”–a track off The Singles Record–with Seattle photog James Bailey, and their next show is a headlining set at the High Dive on Feb. 24.

Listen early, folks, and listen often.

Thanks for reading!  And you can check out this piece in its entirety here.
Meagan & Kendra
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