European Shows Announced!

10 Sep

9/23/14 Brno, Czech Republic Degeneration NEXT Festival Tickets

9/25/14 Kumanovo, Macedonia Agora Cafe Tickets

9/26/14 Skopje, Macedonia Youth Cultural Center, Free! Info

9/27/14 Belgrade, Serbia Cultural Center GRAD Tickets

9/28/14 Cluj, Romania Atelier Cafe Tickets

9/30/14 Warsaw, Poland Klub Makulatura Tickets

10/2/14 Poznan, Poland Blue Note Jazz Club Tickets

10/3/14 Dvur Kralove, Czech Republic DeKaCko Tickets

10/4/14 Prague, Czech Republic Cafe V Lese Tickets

10/5/14 Vienna, Austria Einbaumobel, Free! Info

10/6/14 Germany To Be Announced!

10/7/14 Germany To Be Announced! 

Please check my show calendar for updates on my shows in Germany. They will be announced soon! Looking forward to this marvelous adventure. xo

One Response to “European Shows Announced!”

  1. Yvonne September 10, 2014 at 3:03 pm #

    you are amazing Meagan! I’m going to make a concert map :) xoxoxoxo

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