Meet the McPhersons

This is Yvonne McPherson, and she is kissing her husband Rico. That is their son, Hayden standing close by. They are a beautiful family full of love, but the sad reality is that Rico was recently diagnosed with stage four liver cancer and was told he only has a handful of months to live. Not only that but he was also denied healthcare coverage. I have never understood why bad things can happen to such good people.

Yvonne and Rico live in Ballard and are both hairstylists. Yvonne owns and operates Poulsbo’s Inspiritu Salon, and I had the pleasure of meeting her back in 2009 when I needed a fresh haircut for a Lemolo show. I think I actually asked her to fix the terrible mess I made when I attempted to cut my own bangs (a mistake I will never make again). In 2010 she was the master creator behind the perm that I gifted Kendra for Christmas. Do you remember that perm? Yvonne has been a part of my family ever since, always encouraging me in my music and supporting the band to no end.

As soon as I heard about the struggle that her family is going through, I knew I had to share her story with you. I invite you to Fight Against Cancer with Team McPherson on Facebook, and get to know my friends. The way that they are handling this struggle with such grace and positivity amazes me, and I know they would love your support.

xo Meagan

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