1. Tried to recommend you to 3WK but apparently they have to have a CD before they play anything. Would urge you to contact them if you haven’t -very indie-friendly. http://www.3wk.com/contact.php
    If they don’t put On Again.. in rotation they’re puddin’-heads.

  2. Where can I buy this album?! I really was looking forward to seeing you guys in Cottage Grove but the shows 21 and over I believe! I love you girlies so much you are absolutley my favorite band!

  3. This album is amazing! I can’t wait to you guys come to Atlanta, Georgia (across the whole country)! Such a greeaaat sound! Loved your KEXP performances.

  4. Brilliant album. It’s so awesome that you guys let people listen to the whole album on your website. Very smart. Anyway, your music is absolutely beautiful! I just had to buy the album. Thank you for producing something with some imagination. All the best to you both! With Gratitude, Tammy

  5. When I bought your album, I really liked it. Now I really love it! As others have said, it is imaginative, beautiful music, a truly stunning first album. I can’t wait to hear more from you both.
    Very best wishes, Peter

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