Meet Elizabeth

We would like you to meet our new friend, Elizabeth, who shared her incredible story with us after our show last week at the Vera Project.

My name is Elizabeth Schiffler, and I saw you first in L.A. opening for The Head and the Heart (you guys were amazing). As I lived/studied in SoCal while my father was battling cancer in Seattle, I found myself diving into the Seattle music scene online and finding some connection to home, even when everything was spinning out of control. “Open Air” was a song that I listened to when I felt I couldn’t breathe, and wasn’t sure how I was going to get through the next few hours. I did. I’m here and I’m home, and it is music like yours that helped me realize the place I should be was Seattle.

Her story moved us in a way nothing else has, and it was inspiring to hear that our simple song was able to heal and serve such a higher purpose.  After the passing of her father three months ago, Elizabeth and her family created the Ken Schiffler Foundation for Music Education, which aims to promote music education in schools and youth programs in Seattle.  If you would like to connect with Elizabeth and show your support for her foundation, please check out their Facebook page.  She is certainly one courageous girl.

Meagan & Kendra

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  1. I am so happy that Lemolo made a connection with Elizabeth and are able to help promote this worthy project.

    Jeff and I will do what we can to help the Ken Schiffler Foundation for Music Education. This is what we are in this world to do, after all; share the love, each and every one of us. ♥

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