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We have felt a lot of love and support out there lately, and we just wanted to give it right back and support those who are supporting us. Check out these two blog posts, and then check out the rest of their music writings. Trust me, it will be worth your time.

The anæchronist

Introducing: Lemolo

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

When we decided to start a blog, it wasn’t the content that was the difficult task, but rather the first post. Though it may seem trivial, we had placed a substantial sentimental value on the first post of the Anæchronist. It’s the same trivial importance that forces us to continuously reconsider our order at a restaurant. Choosing from a menu of thousands of bands, we decided to introduce the Anæchronist by introducing a band whose collaborative effort seems to parallel ours.
Check out the rest of the post from The Anæchronist!

Rarity In Form

Introducing: Lemolo

Lemolo, Open Air, Dylan Priest, Doe Bay

Aaand we’re back! Rarity In Form is kicking off the new year with Lemolo, an excellent new group out of Seattle. This duo is powered by Meagan Grandall (vocals, keys & guitar) and Kendra Cox (drums & keys). The two come together to create an infectious collaboration of energy and sound. Grandall’s vocal range remains pleasantly steady throughout most of their songs yet will surprise you with a powerful punch that comes out of nowhere. Cox supplies a steady backdrop that keeps the songs on track but can seriously rock on the drums; especially on tracks like In Black & White.

Check out the rest of the post from Rarity In Form!

So bundle up, find some new music and blog away on this wonderful snowy day!

Kendra & Meagan

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  1. These are very exciting times! We have followed your journey since open-mic at Portside Pub years ago. We wish you the very best!

  2. Hi there. We just did some video with Joonious studios and I was just browsing some other videos and I saw your guitar. I have its sister bass! It’s in much rougher shape than your guitar but everything is the same; pickups, switches, faceplate… I’ll play it once in a while but it is really heavy. But it’s much cooler looking that my Precision.

    What is the make/model? There’s no markings on mine and I’ve never found anyone that recognized it.

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