Lots of Love from KEXP!

In case you missed it, KEXP 90.3 included “On Again, Off Again” from our in-studio performance in their Song of the Day Podcast this weekend!

                     Genevieve Pierson

Today’s featured selection is part of the weeklong celebration of local music that we’re thankful for. Today’s song is “On Again, Off Again” by Lemolo from their in-studio performance at KEXP earlier this year.  This week we give “Thanks” to all the local artists who come in and share one-of-a-kind performances with our listeners and DJs. As you know, some of the very best make it on the Live at KEXP compilations and we hope that the powers that be are considering this band from their in-studio in March. The love seems to go both ways as singer Meagan Grandall said this of their experience: “Playing the in-studio for KEXP was by far one of the highlights of our musical career. Despite the fact that we were dreadfully nervous!” -Leigh Bezezekoff 

   To listen to our song and read more from KEXP, click HERE!


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