Siren Nation Festival!

We just returned home from an amazing first tour experience.  We were lucky enough to grace the stage with Thao and the Get Down Stay Down and the Head and the Heart along the West Coast, and now we are preparing to head back to Portland for the Siren Nation Festival!  We hope to see you at our show on November 4th with Kelli Schafer and the Corin Tucker Band at the Doug Fir Lounge.

See you soon!

Meagan & Kendra

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  1. Hey there! We saw you in Portland at the Crystal Ballroom. You were our favorite part of the whole show. I know you thought most people were there to see The Head and the Heart…but we heard you in Seattle at Bumbershoot and thought you were amazing. We came just to hear you (+ brought friends — who also thought you were fantastic.) Seriously, great show. Keep it up. We’ll be back when you hit the Doug Fir in November!

    Hearts from fans in PDX!

    1. Wow! Your comment really means a lot. Thank you so much for sharing this. We kind of felt like little fish in a big pond during that show, so we are so happy to hear you enjoyed it! Looking forward to the Doug Fir. You should come say hello after! -Meagan

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