Love from Rainy Dawg Radio!

Check out this blog post from Sam Mouser, the Music Director of UW’s Rainy Dawg Radio!  We are excited that “Whale Song” made the cut and is on the list of “Best Songs of 2010”!  Here is what he had to say:

“Whale Song” is an entirely unobtrusive title for such a dazzling track, and although Seattle’s Lemolo might not be on your radar yet, they’re sure to be there soon. Oceanographic lyrics, overcast keys, and Meagan Grandall’s lingering vocals help make “Whale Song” the aural equivalent of a ferry ride across Puget Sound. The track’s production is spacious, layering reverb-drenched guitar and vocal harmonies over a simple casiotone drum pattern, and its b-side, as if to punctuate the mini-release’s theme, is a piano-and-drums-driven nocturne called “Open Air.” Listen to that, as well as their debut EP, Lounge Light, over on their Bandcamp, and then go see them open for the Head and the Heart at Neumos on January 14th.

Happy New Year!

Meagan & Kendra

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