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Personal Listologies

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Band of the Week: Lemolo >> Friday, November 12, 2010

“This is a band that I saw open up for Wakey!Wakey! at the Sunset Tavern. I walked away utterly impressed by their talent, poise and songwriting skills. The band was mature in a way you do not find in local “waiting to hit it big” indie type bands. I left the tavern with a strong sense that I will be seeing more and more of this lovely duo. Now, sadly, they have not made the instant impact I had expected, but hopefully, they will get some more attention, and actually make the noise they deserve.

The Civil Wars are playing a show at the Tractor Tavern in December that I am super excited about. Suprisingly, their opening act is currently listed as “TBD”. I emailed the band and asked them who they had lined up, cause I love me an opening act, and was told they were still looking to fill the spot. I emailed them back and urged them to snatch Lemolo up asap. I really hope they let these ladies join them on the bill, as it would be the perfect pairing, and I would love to see them again.”

Addi of Personal Listologies

Thank you so much Addi!  You can check out the full post here:

Meagan and Kendra


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