Lemolo at the High Dive!

We hope you can come to our show this Wednesday at the High Dive!  Come celebrate with us as we sell our new CDs!

Wednesday, November 10th

The High Dive (513 North 36th St # G Seattle, WA 98103-8693)

8 PM / $6 / 21+ / With Kaylee Cole and John Heart Jackie!



Meagan & Kendra

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  1. Harder to get in contact with you gals without the ol´ FB, but I was checking out your website and your new songs. I quite like them! Especially after I just went through some kind of an anxiety attack and was like freaking out, so it is soothing to listen to a familiar voice and sound. I won´t go on, but feel free to write me some time. I wrote you a short email about 3 weeks ago.. don´t know if you got it because I don´t know if it was the right email..so let me know.
    Hope all is well!

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