Lemolo on Sound on the Sound!

For the past six or seven months my homepage has been set to local Seattle music blog, Sound on the Sound. Thanks to S.O.T.S. I’ve been able to enjoy and experience Doe Bay Fest from afar, keep an eye on bands like The Head and The Heart (among just about every other local band) and get the best coverage and advice local shows. Basically, S.O.T.S. is, hands down, one of the best Seattle music blogs.

Through word of mouth (shout out to the boys of Viper Creek Club for telling us) I found out that the wonderful Abbey Simmons, co-founder of the blog, had written about us. We’re more than pleased and love Abbey and Sound on the Sound to death. The write up can be found here!

We’ve also been asked to play a showcase put on by The Collective ( a partnership between the members of Artist Home, The Warehouse, and Sound on the Sound) called “The Best of the New” at the Columbia City Theater and couldn’t be more excited. It will be a free night highlighting the Pacific Northwest’s best new emerging artists.

We’d love to see you there on the 1st of October, we’re very, very excited!

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  1. Lemolo my sweets. You girls are amazing – create websites and perform awesome music – wow – impressive! Can’t wait for the next show!

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