Lemolo News Shout Out:

Hey gang! Who is ready for some Lemolo updates?
Order of business #1:
So, first of all we want to give a big thanks to everyone who came out to the Mars Bar last weekend, its always so nice to have the support and we definitely had a great time!

Order of business #2:
We have a lot coming up here in February that we want you all to know about!
February 9th we were asked to play a show at Chop Suey! Our next biggest venue yet!

Then we have a special Valentines day show for you and your special someone (or just you) to come to: – February 14th @Skylark Cafe – 8 PM – All Ages

Okay, I actually think thats it. That wasn’t so bad then huh?

Enjoy your lovely Thursday evening,

P.S. I’ve been enjoying this song a lot lately

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