As Kendra Would Say, “Huzzah!”

Check out our first bit of press from Three Imaginary Girls!

Photo Review: Colonies at Neumos with Lemolo, The Mopes and Conservative Dad | Three Imaginary Girls

Photographs: Lori Paulson

25 Mar 2010 at Neumos

If you haven’t heard of Colonies, you will soon. Their show at Neumos on Thursday night was most definitely an indicator that they will be blowing up in the not so distant future. Thursday’s showcase of lovely local indie pop-rock bands consisted of: Lemolo, The Mopes, Conservative Dad and, of course, Colonies. Every band that night blew me away and, if you’re looking to support your local music scene (which I assume you are), you should definitely take a few minutes out of your day and give a listen to all of these bands. Let your ears be happy, they deserve it.





Pretty exciting stuff!

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