“South of Sound” [OFFICIAL]

Directed by Chris Cunningham | Dark Details | Cinematography by Dylan Priest

“South of Sound” is the third single from the new Lemolo album, Swansea. Order/Stream Swansea: https://snd.click/et4g5pNA

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“South of Sound”

With your two eyes, it’s hard to be one light
With your two feet, it’s hard to keep the beat
Even when I sleep, I know I’m hard to read
Even when I sing, you never understand me

Will I ever know if it’s safe outside the shallows?
Will I ever know to let this go or grow?

My hand is in the fire, I’m touching the flame
You feel like a fire, you cross out my name
My hand is in the fire, we’re one in the same
You feel like a fighter, I’m touching the flame

We’re running out loud
We’re headed south of sound

We’re headed to the Swansea, you never made me happy

Written by Meagan Grandall | Produced by Nathan Yaccino

© White Mustang (BMI) 2020
℗ Lemolo Music, LLC 2020